Education Quality Assurance Sector

Mandates (Purpose, Tasks and Responsibilities of Teachers’ and School Leaders’ Professional Licensing and Renewal Directorate

  1. Purpose
    • To support the assurance of quality education in the country;
    • To attract into the system and retain individuals with better capacity in subject area knowledge, pedagogical skills and professional discipline;
    • To support teachers and school leaders in the system to raise increasing their capacity and become competent thereby giving higher status to  the profession;


  1. Tasks and Responsibilities

2.1 Prepares the Directorate’s plan, coordinate and direct its work;

2.2 Prepares Directorate’s strategic and annual work plans as well as budget for implementation;

2.3 Ensures that the human resource, budget and logistics and other various inputs are utilized for intended purpose;

2.4 Prepares, evaluates, and reviews performance plans and reports of the Directorate as well as identify performance gaps and submit them to the relevant bodies;

2.5 Responds to customer complaints regarding licensing and renewal issues;

2.6 Identifies implementation gaps and brings to the attention of appropriate bodies;


  • Conducts research, formulates strategies and projects
    • Prepares research proposals and conducts researches, in accordance with professional ethics, that help solve problems/challenges in the professional licensing and renewal system;
    • Implements recommendations based on the findings of the research for improvement of the system;
    • Designs projects that can strengthen professional licensing and renewal activities;
    • Carries out resource mobilization activities;
  • Developing professional licensing and renewal frameworks, regulations and guidelinescompiling best  practices and rolling them out  
    • Develops and implements modern technology-enabling practices and strategies;
    • Prepares implementation frameworks that enable the implementation of professional licensing  and renewal system at the level of quality required and have them approved and  implement,
    • Identifies countries as well as those institutions in the country with best-practices that can improve the professional licensing and renewal system and compiles them for implementation by adapting to the  realities of the country and Directorate;
    • Conducts survey to address gaps in the professional competency assessment process to improve the delivery;
    • Improves professional competency assessment process and address customer satisfaction by verifying through survey studies;
    • Ensures the alignment of the guidelines issued by other Directorates to that of the professional licensing and renewal framework
    • Issues and renew professional license certificates to eligible ones (that have registered the cut-off score);


2.4. Provides capacity building trainings including leading and coordinating them;  

  • Provides training on professional licensing and renewal proclamations, frameworks, regulations, guidelines, standards and on the preparation of assessment tools;
  • Conducts workshops to disseminate and/or create awareness on professional licensing and relicensing among the beneficiaries as well as organizes national consultative forums on the same;


2.5. Preparers and administers professional licensing written examination and Portfolio assessment tools for teachers and school leaders

  • Prepares framework for preparing licensing examination
  • Oversees the preparation of written tests and portfolio tools to ensure their adherence to the framework of preparing licensing examination;
  • Conducts pilot test to ensure the quality of professional licensing examinations;
  • Carries out the first round of exam correction and posts the results at the examination centers;
  • Identifies candidates for portfolio assessment and carries out the assessment;
  • Prepares and avails professional licensing certificates to stakeholders upon requests by the Regional Education Bureaus (REBs)


2.6. Conducts gap analysis on the examinees’ performance in the  subject content area knowledge, pedagogical skills and cognitive levels and presents it to the stakeholders

2.6.1 Prepares policy brief tuned to education and training policy issues on the basis of gap analysis findings and presents it to appropriate body;

2.7. Maintains the quality of professional licensing and renewal activities through monitoring and evaluation

2.7.1 Carries out tasks in the areas monitoring and evaluation, rendering supports as well as providing feedback pertaining to the implementation of the professional licensing and renewal;