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MoE urges students to pay utmost attention for personal hygiene

Following coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak and spread globally, the government announced the public to take nationwide responsive measures in the country. The Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) have continued alerting the public and providing timely information.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) on its part has been taking decisive measures. As the government decided to close all schools for two weeks, Nation’s General Education; preprimary, primary, secondary schools and adult education centers will be closed until 30 March, 2020. 

In line with this, the Ministry of Education (MoE) recently offered a press conference about what actions must be done and what students have to do during break time. MoE Minister, Dr. Eng. Getahun Mekuria said that the MoE believes that students will commence classes on 30 March 2020.  Until then, MoE   wants to remained  the community   what  MoE, states, education bureaus, parents,  teachers  and schools  have to  do during the break.

Particularly, the Ministry urges and matters most that all concerned bodies to give due attention especially students to keep personal hygiene. Thus, students, parents and teachers have to follow up MoH and EPHI’s delivered directives both inside and outside of their houses.


Ministry of education announced, any school registration before the end of August is forbidden.

Students families are complaining that Some private schools are forcing them for school registration for the coming year which is out of the date identified by the ministry of education.

Free promotion will not affect the quality of education , Ministry of education

Based on the decision passed by the ministry education on free promotion of students except grade 8 and 12 so many questions were raised.

Teachers protest across US over reopening schools in pandemic.

Teachers and school staff are demanding in-person classes not be held until sufficient safety protocols are established.

August reopening for Scottish schools ‘not a done deal’, warns teaching union

Stephen Mccabe, the joint chair of the Education Recovery Group at the Scottish government, said there were "serious concerns" among teaching unions about the safety of their members returning to work. He warned that unions wanted safety concerns dealt with before they would support the reopening of schools, including clarity over personal protective equipment (PPE) stock levels, as well as cleaning rotas.

Ministry of education decides free promotion to all classes, except grade 8 and 12.

Ministry of education discussed upon different educational issues with regional offices and deliver different decisions.