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This portal contains information, forms and other resources of the ministry. It also allows you to interact with the ministry and other citizens. It contains the following sections:

  • Target user pages: These pages contain information and resources filtered to a particular target user group
  • About the ministry menu: contains selected information about the ministry
  • About the sector menu: contains selected information about the sector
  • Services menu: takes you to the services page, which contains the list of services delivered by the ministry and the actual steps and requirements that should be fulfilled to get the services.
  • Forms menu: takes you to the forms page, which contains downloadable forms of the ministry
  • Documents menu: takes you to the Documents page, which contains documents of the ministry
  • Multimedia menu: takes you to the page that contains audio files, video files and photo galleries
  • Participate and Interact menu: takes you to the eParticipation page, which contains interaction and collaboration features available in the ministry portal
  • The middle section contains featured information, services, forms and documents from the Ministry, as well as relevant links to government websites
  • News: contain news and updates from the ministry
  • Links on the right side of the portal contain news archives, events, subordinates of the ministry and notices.