The goal of this priority programme is:

“to  create  a  learning  society  by  providing  adult and  non-formal  education  linked  to  lifelong learning  opportunities  that  meets  the  diverse learning  needs  of  all  and  which  contributes  to personal, societal and economic development”.


The  high  level  of  illiteracy  in  the  adult  and youth  population  is  a  barrier  to  achieving  its development  goals,  particularly  that  of  lower middle  income  economy  status  by  2025. Improving  adult  literacy  rates  will  also  support other  development  goals.  Children  with  literate parents  stay  in  school  longer  and  each  extra year of education for mothers is also associated with a significant decline in infant mortality and improved child health.

The  National  Adult  Education  Strategy implemented  through  the  ESDP  IV  put  a special policy focus on IFAE. The IFAE two-year programme for 15–60 year olds, provides mother tongue  reading,  writing  and  arithmetic  skills development integrated with practical knowledge and  skills,  for  example  in  relation  to  family health,  hygiene  and  sanitation.  It is  designed to  make  use  of  inputs  from  other  development workers (agriculture, health, etc.) and builds on indigenous knowledge. It seeks to link numeracy and literacy skills to livelihoods and skills training in agriculture  (including  off-farm  activities), health,  civic  and  cultural  education,  etc.  and requires  delivery  by  various  governmental  and non-governmental  service  providers  in  multiple settings.

The initial ESDP IV target, based on assessments of  literacy  conducted  prior  to  ESDP  IV  plan preparation, was to enrol 36.4 million 15–60 year olds  in  a  two-year  IFAE  programme.  In  2012, however,  the  Central  Statistical  Agency  Welfare Monitoring Survey Report estimated there were 20.4  million  illiterate  youth  and  adults.  The ESDP  IV  target  was  accordingly  adjusted  with an  ambition  for  19.4  million  adults  and  youth to  complete  the  two-year  IFAE  programme  inthe plan period. Of these, 7.2 million (35% of all illiterate  15–60  year  olds)  graduated  from  the two-year  IFAE  programme  (of  whom  54%  were female).  There  remains  a  target  group  of  13.2 million  adults  (from  the  original  20.4  million), to  complete  the  IFAE  programme.  Of these, 9.2 million are female and 4.0 million are male.

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