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Ethiopian Ministry of Education and Cisco Company to collaborate on ICT free Training for Students

NewsThe Ethiopian ministry of Education (MoE) and Cisco Information Technology (ICT) Company signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on providing free ICT training for general education, technical and vocational education and training as well as higher education students.

The two parties agreed to strengthen their relations as well as to come together on Ethiopia's entrepreneur capacity in ICT. The mutually beneficial MoU primarily aims to produce trained human capital in information communication technology to facilitate the sector considerable role towards Ethiopia's ongoing economic growth.  

Opening the MoU signing ceremony, Dr. Samuel Kifle, state Minister for higher Education, acknowledged the Cisco company mutual support particularly the current focus in expanding the use of information communications technology (ICT) for producing well equipped and competent graduates.

Speaking on the signing ceremony, Ato David Brunei, General Manager for Cisco East and Indian Ocean Islands expressed his excitement and commitment to work together with the MoE in increasing digital awareness through establishing Cisco network academy center at all sub-sectors of education.

The general manager stated that providing the program at technical and vocational education and training institutions as well as higher institution is significant role to educate young people around entrepreneurship and to enhance the rate of employability after graduation.

Ato Zelealem Assefa, Director for Ethiopia National Strategy of ICT, on his part stated that expanding the program implementation of Cisco Network academic  at higher institutions provide valuable University-Industry Linkage for trainees to transfer knowledge and technology from university to the industry.

Cisco Network academic center is useful for students to increase their digital literacy, develop practical skill and to become internet self-provider, as the Director stated.

As to him, providing the program at higher education sub-sector is momentous to increase the rate of having job opportunity after graduation.

In the last ten years of working in Ethiopia, the Cisco Networking Academy has trained a significant number of trainees in 35 public universities.   Through the Cisco Networking Academy various education institutions are provided with the possibility of integrating a curriculum in a computer networking.


Preparations are underway to start education with the necessary precautions in schools: Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education announced that it has made the necessary preparations to resume the regular education that was suspended for 7 months due to Corona virus.

The Ministry of Education has warned private schools that view education as a trade.

The Minister of Education, Getahun Mekuriya (Dr. Eng.) Said that just as there are private schools that respect the profession, we have also encountered private schools that regard education as a commodity.

Ministry of education participate on Webinar discussion of fundraising educational sectors.

The webinar organized by Education Cannot Wait (ECW) on the margins of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly under the theme of future of education is here for those left furthest behind.

Education will resume as the Ministry of Health assures us that there is an opportunity to start education : Getahun Mekuriya (Dr. Eng.) Minister of Education

The minister of ministry of education Getahun mekuriya (Dr.Eng.) said after the level of COVID-19 virus has been assessed and when the Ministry of Health assures as there is opportunities to start class and as the government makes a decision we will start education.

The Ministry of Education says it is considering conditions to re-open schools.

State Minister of ministry of Education Million Matiwos give a statement to the media on the current situation related to the re-opening of schools for the 2013 academic year.